Raveler Features

Below you’ll find screenshots of our current features plus some descriptions of how things work. Are you a specialty food business looking for a digital answer for something that falls outside our current feature set? Email lucy@raveler.io to talk about bespoke solutions.

Recipe Management

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Inventory Control

Inventory Counting

  • Two choices of workflow to match operational styles: list-style counting or QR code scanning.

  • Customize specific counting units per item to avoid confusion.

  • Take inventory at one location at a time; filter items by category to further streamline counting.

Inventory Reporting

  • See inventory in multiple locations in one place.

  • Assign par values to items; counts below par show warnings.

  • Automatically receive emailed reports every time inventory is taken.


Batch Management

Batch Tracking

  • Automatically generate batch numbers based on your own schema.

  • Track multiple batches at once.

  • Easily manage recipes for different batch sizes and iterations.

Batch Details

  • All batch information feeds into one easy-to-read report.

  • Instantly time-stamp when specific processes are done; collect data and add notes along the way.

  • Assign specific ingredient lots per batch to ease FSMA requirements.


Container Tracking

Container Scanning

  • Easily apply QR code labels to kegs and other returnable containers and track them seamlessly.

  • Scan containers and update status and location, individually or in batches.

  • Pull up full histories of individual containers.

Container Reports

  • See where your container fleet is at all times.

  • Instantly see breakdowns of containers by status; always know how many clean kegs you have in stock.

  • Track when status changes happen so you can anticipate activity more quickly.