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Feature Summaries

Inventory Control- Choice of two workflows to match your operational needs. Set pars and get notified when counts are low. Full Description.

Batch Management- Track recipes with multiple iterations and batch sizes. Assign identification numbers to ingredient lots. Timestamp when processes happen and data is gathered. Full Description.

Container Tracking- Use QR codes to instantly track kegs and other returnable containers. Keep tabs on your fleet and look up histories of individual units. Price includes first 100 containers- each additional container adds 10¢/month. Full Description.

Full Feature Bundle

Our modules can be used on their own, and work beautifully together. Get the full bundle for $110/month ($20 off)!

Annual Subscriptions

Inventory Control- $200/year

Batch Management- $500/year

Container Tracking- $600/year

Full Bundle- $1,100/year