Lucy Valena

Lucy R. Valena

Co-Founder and CEO

Lucy Valena is the former owner of Voltage Coffee & Art, a venture-backed coffeehouse and gallery in Cambridge, MA. She studies food and narrative, and holds a Masters in Gastronomy. Valena works with open-book management consultancy Rethink Restaurants, and proudly heads the arts initiative Bait/Switch.


Jaime van Schyndel

Co-Founder and President

Jaime van Schyndel has a decade of specialized experience in sourcing coffee through 'direct trade'. He founded barismo Inc in '08 and became one of the early companies leading the charge that would become a wave redefining modern specialty coffee. As an inventor with brewing patents through his other company Draft Coffee Solutions, he is an entrepreneur that thrives on solving problems. Jaime has also been a blogger, consultant, culinary coffee instructor, and at times a panelist or presenter.

Jaime van Schyndel
Christopher Chase

Christopher Chase

Technology Strategist

Chris utilizes his experience in IT, software development, cloud architecture and project management to deliver Raveler's surprisingly-less-frustrating software solutions (SLFSS). Outside of work, Chris enjoys spending his time biking, learning guitar and searching for the best burger Boston has to offer.


Benjamin Osowiecki

Software Developer

Benjamin Osowiecki is a full stack developer, and recently graduated from Keene State College. He enjoys traveling, learning new things, and biking in his spare time. Ben's favorite programming languages are Swift and Matlab.

Benjamin Osowiecki

Rob Zierten

Customer Success

Rob Zierten brings years of experience from both the food and tech industries, focusing on the introduction of early innovation products. Most recently he helped scale a successful SaaS-based platform solution for advertising and marketing, building the customer success department from the ground up. Rob's passion for specialty food leads him across the country finding different products to try and share their unique stories with his friends and colleagues.


Keith Sachs

Software Engineer (Intern)

Keith Sachs is a developer that likes tabs not spaces and vim instead of nano. His hobbies include working on vehicles, petting cats, and 3d printing. Keith uses his spare time to work on a machine vision project intended to make motorcyclists safer.