Track your kegs and other returnable containers easily.

Keg tracking

It’s 10pm- do you know where your kegs are? ‘Asset tracking’ is such a heavy phrase, but it really is serious- lost returnable containers such as kegs and crates cost the industry $500 Million annually. Don’t be part of that statistic. Get beyond your gut feelings and track your kegs with Raveler Tracking:

  • Order QR code labels through the app. We’ll print and send them right to your door, or send you a pdf you can print yourself.

  • Add status updates quickly, for individual units or in batches.

  • If you track batches, you can specify which batch went into which keg (or other container) for added traceability.

  • Instantly see a count of how many containers are at which location, and look up a complete history of individual units.

keg tracking screenshot