Inventory is the backbone of your business. We believe that inventory management should be easy enough to be a regular practice, no matter how busy things get, and that it shouldn’t suck up too much of your time.


Professional Labels

An important part of inventory management is proper labeling of storage areas. Our labels feature clear titles and large QR codes for fast scanning. We offer two different label styles: 2x2” stickers or 1.5x3” snap-on labels for use with wire shelving. You can either print these from a pdf yourself, or let us print them and ship them right to your door.

Intuitive and fast

Raveler leverages technology to help you avoid annoying data entry as much as possible. Our web app allows you to instantly view inventory of all of your items across multiple locations. You can choose to either submit an inventory report for a specific location, or count things as you scan them.

scanner hand.jpg

Simple Scanning

Raveler integrates with a basic QR code scanner to quickly and efficiently input data. Don’t know what kind of scanner to get? Given its tough exterior (we’ve dropped it on concrete floors without issue!) and ease of use, we love the Teemi 2D wireless barcode scanner.