Raveler smooths operations for bakeries, multi-location coffeeshops, and everything in between.

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Keep your inventory counts up to date and always know when you’re low on something.

Do you keep running out of 12oz hot lids?

Use par values to keep track of how much you need to have in house, and when you need to restock. Raveler will send you an email every time someone takes inventory to let you know what is under par. Have you ever had to tell a customer that you were out of lids? It’s awkward and a little embarrassing. Leave those moments behind you.

Where is your Inventory? See it all at once.

Whether you keep inventory in multiple stores, or in multiple locations within the same store, see it all in one place to avoid overbuying. “Oh, I didn’t realize we had another case back there,” is something we’ve all heard far too many times. Free up that cash!