Inventory control does not have to be difficult.


We know. Inventory is annoying and frustrating, and it never seems to get done right. We are continuously asking how we can make inventory management better for small businesses. Here are some things you can do with Raveler Inventory:

  • You can print labels with QR codes, which you can put on your shelves if you prefer a scanning workflow.

  • You can input Tare containers so that you can record weighed inventory very quickly.

  • You can report inventory in several different locations, and see all of it at once.


Easy batch management for any food business.

Batch Tracking food business

There are so many reasons why tracking batches is important for your specialty food business. The FDA’s new FSMA requirements. Your own piece of mind. A trail of breadcrumbs that helps you remember everything you’ve accomplished. Analytics to help you plan for the future. Here are some things you can do with Raveler Batches:

  • Automatically generate batch numbers to your specifications.

  • Add recipe formulas to instantly track how much of each ingredient you’re using.

  • Track batch activities and measurements in real time.

  • Assign codes to specific ingredient lots to make a (cloud-based) paper trail for compliance purposes.


Track your kegs and other returnable containers easily.

Keg tracking

It’s 10pm- do you know where your kegs are? ‘Asset tracking’ is such a heavy phrase, but it really is serious- lost returnable containers such as kegs and crates cost the industry $500 Million annually. Don’t be part of that statistic. Get beyond your gut feelings and track your kegs with Raveler Tracking:

  • Order QR code labels through the app. We’ll print and send them right to your door, or send you a pdf you can print yourself.

  • Add status updates quickly, for individual units or in batches.

  • If you track batches, you can specify which batch went into which keg (or other container) for added traceability.

  • Instantly see a count of how many containers are at which location, and look up a complete history of individual units.


Sales Enablement is Important for Food Businesses.


What is Sales Enablement? It is the practice of getting the right information into the hands of the people selling your product, so they can do their best work. This is especially important for those of us in the specialty food business, because we ask for higher prices than some people are used to paying. The more information that can be provided to a customer, the higher the perceived value of the product, and the easier the sale.

But you can’t give them all of the information, because that would be too much. You have to give them the right information. The information that backs up your brand identity. Actions speak louder than words, and the way you make your product should jive completely with the way you tell your story.  

Raveler helps you sort through all of this complexity, and put your best foot forward. Sing your song proudly, and show the world the many reasons your product is unique. Empower your salespeople, wholesale customers, and distributors to tell your story the way it was meant to be told.

How It Works

Organize content such as farm images and process shots within the Raveler app. As you track production information, your messaging and images are arranged in real time to create materials for sales enablement. You can track information on the level of products, ingredients, ingredients lots, and sources.

Make every batch feel as special as it truly is, by giving it the level of specificity that is right for your business. You can track information by taking inventory, managing batches, and tracking assets.


Ready to get started?

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